Teachers Forum 2019 Quiz
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1. You definitely recognised Peter I on the sculpture in the Residence ship room. But who is pictured above?
2. Have you noticed an eagle and a dragon on the Residence banisters? What are their names?
3. Which school from presented today in the Forum did Empress of Russia Alexandra Feodorovna (wife of Nicholas II) "attend"?
4. Who has never been to the UK Ambassador Residence?
5. Which schools presented today have PEARSON test centre?
6. Which school runs summer program in Bishop Grosseteste University?
7. How many summer schools locations do MLA have all over the world?
8. International projects (IP) run summer school in Devon coast picturesque town. Can you name the music band this town is famous for?
9. Visit Gothic room. Go straight to landscape picture. What river is pictured there?
10. Have you seen Queen Victoria georgeuos portrait in the "red" room (first floor)? Can you tell us what Russian emperor she was named after?
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